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New Teeth in a Day™

Dentures, You’ve Met Your Match.

When a smile goes bad, dentures were the only solution. Until now. We can give you a permanent solution in a single day.

Also known as All-on-4®, New Teeth in a Day is a breakthrough solution that replaces removable dentures with customized dental implants that are comfortable and aesthetically superior, giving you a more confident smile. This would normally take several visits to complete. We can perform extractions, make molds and place your new, permanent teeth in merely hours.


First, we’ll set up a free consultation, so you know exactly what you’re going to get. Then, we’ll capture a 3D CT scan to determine exactly where your new teeth are going to go. The day of surgery, patients will be in a deep, relaxed sleep while we perform any extractions and place all implants, all at once. It’s one day that will transform the rest of your life.


Dr. Gary Raska DMDOral Maxillofacial Surgeon

New Teeth in a Day™

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Critics Reviews

Gums! I wanna be all gums! There I went, into a deep sleep, only to wake to a mouth full-a-pearly whites! What did they give me, magic juice or somethin? I thought this kinda thing took weeks, I had a full set-ateeth in a day! I'm takin 'em out.

Mikey “The Mouth” Gumberto