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Same Day Crowns™

The Dental World Said Weeks. We Said No Way.

From impressions to temporary crowns, patients have lost their patience. So we’ve discovered a way to speed up the process. Waiting weeks for your permanent crown is history.

With a great new piece of equipment that scans your tooth in light speed, we can take impressions and make your permanent crown in the same day. This means you won’t risk losing your temporary one or breaking your tooth. And you won’t need multiple appointments to get the job done. You’ll get a metal free crown that’s strong and durable. It’s like a futuristic fairy tale.


After prepping the area for your crown, we’ll scan the area with a seeming magic wand that takes all the measurements and enters them into our system. You’ll choose the color and shade of the crown you want. An innovative milling unit gets the data and forms your crown. It’s then permanently placed and you walk out smiling.

Same Day Crowns™

Critics Reviews

Is it too much to ask to visit the dentist every two weeks? I wanted to drag this thing out as long as I could. I wanted a temporary crown so I could have the chance to get it replaced. I just wanted more appointments! Here I sit. With my perfectly placed crown. No need to go back. I'm lonely. You still love me, don't you?

Annie A. Insecuriteeth