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The Search is Over. It Was Here All Along.

In most cases, you have to seek out a separate office for orthodontics. We do it all, right here. And, we think outside the braces, with Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign®. It’s a whole new adventure for straighter smiles.

So your pearly whites need a little straightening out. Good news, you have options. Once we give you a thorough examination and take some X-rays, we can best determine which treatment is right for you. We’ll take a mold of your mouth and fit your solution based on your custom treatment plan. In 6 to 24 months, you’ll have a sparkling new, Hollywood-straight smile.


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Critics Reviews

Horrible, just awful! I was perfectly content with my corroding, crammed together chompers and these fools straightened them out! It even changed the menacing pitch of my evil villain laugh. I sound....happy! Disgusting. Never again.

Captain Crooked Teeth