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Same Day Dentures™

They Met. They Fell in Love. And Lived Happily Ever After.

Your dentures become a part of you. So it’s important to love them - the way they look, fit and feel. We ensure a speedy procedure with a set that’s a match made in dental heaven.

The best dentures are the ones you don’t even notice you’re wearing. We make certain that you get the right ones for you, with a fit you can hardly even feel. After your extractions and impressions are made, we’ll fit you and get you on your way, with a natural, healthy smile. We’ll teach you how to care for them. And we’ll be here if you ever have questions or need care. It’s a denture dream come true.


After your consultation, we take a mold and schedule extractions with an oral surgeon. Once that step is completed, you’ll have the option to sleep and relax during your procedure. You’ll be able to have your teeth removed and dentures fitted properly on the same day, so that you can leave the office looking great, with everything taken care of at once.

Same Day Dentures™

Critics Reviews

COME ON! You can't tell me it's not funny when your dentures slip out of your mouth and into your soup. It's hilarious! The ladies love it! There's nothing better than an ill-fitting set of teeth. Now, I have these dentures that look so real, even I can't tell. There's nothing humorous about that.

Grossy the Clown